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Grower Information Morning


On Tuesday 14th October Wimpak held it's Grower Information morning at the Grains Innovation Park (DEPI offices) in Horsham.

The morning's sessions covered a variety of themes including:

- a presentation by DEPI's climate specialist Dale Grey

- an update on Wimpak's new cleaner installation

- market update and harvest overview (including a summary of Wimpak's harvest promotions)

- Introduction of Dia and Ravi from Societa Cofica (specialist exporters)

- Short summary from Lloyd Neilson (NAB Agribusiness) regarding managing risks and importance of trade credit

- A tour of DEPI's grain pulse breeding facilities and the Australian Grains Genebank

This morning's session was well received by growers and invited guests and lead to some great discussion from our participants.

Wimpak is keen to accumulate your pulse commodities this season and we'll be working hard to provide the most competitive prices we can for your grain.

Contact the office is you would like to hear more about our harvest promotions including free on farm pick-up (conditions apply*)