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Significant investment in growth of business

FOUNDED in 1998 by a group of progressive farmers with a mission to add value to locally produced grains, Wimpak Export   Company P/L in Minyip is a grain cleaning and packing business that buys and sells
predominately pulse grains. Since its beginnings, Wimpak has undergone continual investment and some significant milestones
as the business has grown and developed over the last 14 years, which now includes the installation of a new ‘state of the art’ cleaning plant in preparation for this year’s harvest. Jo Cameron, Wimpak’s
General Manager, said Wimpak had the ability to clean grain that falls outside the Australian Pulse Standards, thereby allowing growers to obtain premium prices for their cleaned product. “The quality of
pulse commodities this harvest has proven to vary considerably, so the installation of a new cleaning plant is timely and will ensure that we can effectively clean grain for our growers while offering
competitive prices.” “The new LMC cleaner almost doubles Wimpak’s previous cleaning capacity. Using air extraction, sizing and gravity grading to process grain, the precision cleaning is combined into one
continuous flow that gives the required separations with minimum dockage.” “The open construction of the cleaner also allows the processing of grain to be clearly monitored and provide ease of clean-out and
the changing of screens between varieties and seed types, will significantly reduce downtime.”Wimpak Marketing and Accumulation Manager, Todd Krahe said, “payment security is also at the forefront of any growers
mind due to a number of company insolvencies within the grain trading industry in recent years”.“Wimpak removes this stress by only dealing with reputable exporters and end-users, plus gives payment security to growers
by covering all contracts under our trade credit insurance policy at no extra cost.” “With the

season’s lack of grain, markets will be competitive within the region, so Wimpak is also offering grower payment flexibility
(shorten or extend) and free onfarm pick up this harvest, he said. Wimpak proudly remains 100 per-cent owned by members of the local farming community and employs 11 permanent staff members from Minyip and the surrounding
district. “We are proud of the services we provide to our local farming community and work extremely hard at continuous improvement within the workplace. With reduced yields this season, it will be a challenging year for
many small businesses across the Wimmera Mallee however, we will continue to provide growers with the best pulse grain cleaning and trading services possible,”Ms Cameron added.

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