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During the last 15 years, Wimpak has established itself in the marketplace as a reputable cleaner, packer
and trader of pulses and other niche-type grains across the Wimmera-Mallee.
Today the firm is a mature business that has evolved in line with market and community expectations
with modern facilities and a staff of local people who provide a world-class cleaning and packing service as well as
secure trading options.
Three core values drive Wimpak’s success – quality, security and service.
When it comes to quality, Wimpak prides itself on underpinning all operations with high levels of quality.
Quality is a pre-requisite for everything it does.
Instilling a sense of security is also paramount in Wimpak’s close association with and payment to its growers. Security provides
essential reassurance and consolidation in strong working relationships.
Providing high-quality service is also essential. Being on the ground and part of the regional community creates a clear understanding
that circumstances can vary. Wimpak guarantees a personal and individually tailored service.
To continue its drive and consolidation in the market, the business welcome James French to the Wimpak family.

James, who comes to Wimpak with an extensive background and career in the industry, will lead the Marketing and Accumulation
Team before transitioning into the General Manager position at the end of January, 2016.
Remaining locally owned and operated Wimpak clients will always speak to local people who understand the industry and the
area. The business also gives clients the time to explain market activity and options available to them.
Although harvest is proving to be challenging so far, Wimpak offers growers a variety of options including seven-day payment
terms. If your pulse grains fall outside of spec Wimpak’s state-of-the-art cleaning plant will process your grain to meet
export requirements.
Wimpak gives you cleaning options to increase product value and will even pay clients for the grade out! (seconds).
Regardless of the quality, Wimpak has the facilities and markets to handle your grain.
The bottom line is that Wimpak aims to maximise clients’ grain’s potential, which will ultimately
improves the bottom line!
Contact Wimpak today for a competitive price for your: Lentils, chickpeas, faba beans, peals,
vetch, safflower, broad beans, fenugreek and cereal grains for stockfeed.