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Agribusiness supports region's grain growers

INCREASING OPTIONS: Wimpak plant manager Damian Milne, right, discusses the installation progress of the company’s
new cleaning plant with LMC sales manager Grant Bruner. Mr Bruner travelled from the USA to monitor the final
commissioning of the plant.

A Wimmera agricultural business is providing an example of how regional services are providing broadacre cropping farmers with opportunities to make the best of poor situations. Minyip grain-cleaning and packing business Wimpak Export Company is in the early stages of assessing pulse-harvest results across the region and starting to handle more samples. General manager Jo Cameron said expectations had gone from early hopes of a big harvest to making sure growers had access to reliable and efficient grain-handling services. “Importantly, we’re making sure our clients can get the most from disappointing yields,” she said. Wimpak, which buys and sells predominantly pulse grains, is already seeing the benefi ts of a new state-of-theart grain cleaner it is installing for this year’s harvest. “The quality of pulse

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Plant Doubles Capacity

NEW state-of-the-art technology at Wimpak Export Company will allow the business to double its grain cleaning capacity.
Wimpak grain marketing head Todd Krahe said a new processing plant was designed and manufactured specifically for the Minyip company’s pulse grain cleaning operation.
‘‘We have completed the installation of an entirely new cleaning plant,’’ he said. ‘‘It is the only plant of its type in Australia for processing pulse grain.’’
United States-based business Lewis M Carter Manufacturing designed the plant. ‘‘The old plant was decommissioned on the last day of September with a planned change over
time of about six weeks,’’ Mr Krahe said. ‘‘Installation took a little longer than expected, but we now have the plant fully operational.’’ Mr Krahe said the plant represented
a huge step forward in technology. ‘‘The majority of the system is automated and controlled by a single touch-screen,’’ he said. ‘‘We can even link into the control system from a remote
computer or iPad to monitor production.’’ Mr Krahe said the upgrade was needed to increase throughput capacity. ‘‘This has been achieved as we now have the capacity to clean about double
the amount of product an hour, compared with the old plant,’’ he said. Mr Krahe said the electrical work formed a major part of the upgrade. ‘‘Everything relating to the old plant was
removed and new systems were designed and installed from scratch,’’ he said. ‘‘This was a combined effort between Laser Electrical Horsham and Laser Electrical Ballarat.’’ Mr Krahe said
Wimpak used Wimmera resources where possible for each step of the installation. He said this included welders, crane hire, electrical work, fabricators and consumables. 

Article Written By Erin McFadden

Wimmera Mail Times

Significant investment in growth of business

FOUNDED in 1998 by a group of progressive farmers with a mission to add value to locally produced grains, Wimpak Export   Company P/L in Minyip is a grain cleaning and packing business that buys and sells
predominately pulse grains. Since its beginnings, Wimpak has undergone continual investment and some significant milestones
as the business has grown and developed over the last 14 years, which now includes the installation of a new ‘state of the art’ cleaning plant in preparation for this year’s harvest. Jo Cameron, Wimpak’s
General Manager, said Wimpak had the ability to clean grain that falls outside the Australian Pulse Standards, thereby allowing growers to obtain premium prices for their cleaned product. “The quality of
pulse commodities this harvest has proven to vary considerably, so the installation of a new cleaning plant is timely and will ensure that we can effectively clean grain for our growers while offering
competitive prices.” “The new LMC cleaner almost doubles Wimpak’s previous cleaning capacity. Using air extraction, sizing and gravity grading to process grain, the precision cleaning is combined into one
continuous flow that gives the required separations with minimum dockage.” “The open construction of the cleaner also allows the processing of grain to be clearly monitored and provide ease of clean-out and
the changing of screens between varieties and seed types, will significantly reduce downtime.”Wimpak Marketing and Accumulation Manager, Todd Krahe said, “payment security is also at the forefront of any growers
mind due to a number of company insolvencies within the grain trading industry in recent years”.“Wimpak removes this stress by only dealing with reputable exporters and end-users, plus gives payment security to growers
by covering all contracts under our trade credit insurance policy at no extra cost.” “With the

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Grower Information Morning


On Tuesday 14th October Wimpak held it's Grower Information morning at the Grains Innovation Park (DEPI offices) in Horsham.

The morning's sessions covered a variety of themes including:

- a presentation by DEPI's climate specialist Dale Grey

- an update on Wimpak's new cleaner installation

- market update and harvest overview (including a summary of Wimpak's harvest promotions)

- Introduction of Dia and Ravi from Societa Cofica (specialist exporters)

- Short summary from Lloyd Neilson (NAB Agribusiness) regarding managing risks and importance of trade credit

- A tour of DEPI's grain pulse breeding facilities and the Australian Grains Genebank

This morning's session was well received by growers and invited guests and lead to some great discussion from our participants.

Wimpak is keen to accumulate your pulse commodities this season and we'll be working hard to provide the most competitive prices we can for your grain.

Contact the office is you would like to hear more about our harvest promotions including free on farm pick-up (conditions apply*)

Taking Mallee To The World


 Wimpak's Todd Krahe and Sarah Spicer (right) show off their efficent container scales with plant operator Brock Tait (left).WIMPAK Export Company export pulses and niche grains produced by Wimmera and Mallee growers to countries around the world.

Since this time last year, Wimpak has packed more than 2,000 20 foot containers for markets in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, Egypt, South Africa and the Philippines.

About 80 percent of the product is packed in bulk containers as this is the most cost effective way for receiving countries to handle the product.

To make the loading operation as efficient as possible, Wimpak has invested in two container scales produced by Elphinstone Weighing Systems.

Todd Krahe, Wimpak grain marketer said the systems are located on semitrailers which are used to move containers around the yard.

"This means the product is weighed as it is packed into the container," Mr Krahe said.

"This allows much greater accuracy and efficiency, eliminating double handling because of under or over loading," he said.

“In the past, loading was a bit of a guessing game, now we can load containers within 20 kilograms of the exact required weight, saving time and money."

As well as dealing in pulses for export, Wimpak also offers trading of other grains such as wheat,

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